Lough Gur Wedge Tomb
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County Limerick
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Lough Gur Wedge Tomb, Co. Limerick

Location: Approximately 16 km southeast of Limerick on the N 512. A little over half a kilometer south of the Grange stone circle, turn left at the next crossroads. The wedge tomb (also known as the "Giant's Grave") is on the a slope of a low hill about a half km down this side road on the right, within sight of Lough Gur. It is very easy to find, access is relatively easy and there is parking along the road.

Features: The tomb consists of a gallery just under 9 meters long in a NW to SE orientation, divided into a portico and main chamber. A close-set outer wall is virtually intact on the south side with evidence of similar walling on the north side. Four large roof stones cover the main chamber and a prostrate slab in front of the entrance may have been a roof stone for the portico. Because the terrain is abundant in natural limestone outcroppings, excavation could not determine a clear cairn edge, though there was sufficient stone found in the area to assume that such a cairn existed.

Excavation in 1938 found the remains of both unburnt and cremated human remains of at least eight adults and four children in the main chamber, with evidence of further remains in a cist in the portico, gallery walls and immediately outside the gallery. A considerable amount of pottery was also excavated from the tomb and immediate surrounding area, the majority being of the Beaker type, with some Neolithic shards as well as flint scrapers.

Comments:According to the information marquee at this site, a fellow in the 19th century had written that this wedge tomb was covered by a mound of stones and that an old woman had lived in it for many years. Interesting, of course, but this is the only mention of such a habitation of this tomb.

Other Items of Interest: Within just a few kilometers of this "Giant's Grave", are a number of sites of archaeological interest. The great Stone Circle at Grange and it's satellite circles are along the N 512. Nearby are two standing stones and an ancient sunken trackway that runs between the great circle and the Lough. Not far down the road from the Giant's Grave (follow the signposts) is the Lough Gur Visitor's Center. A couple of large ancient stone forts sit atop Knockadoon - the hill that is hugged by Lough Gur. Two castle ruins, some ancient hut sites and a couple of crannogs are along the lake shore. A 16th century church (with some 19th century restoration) is about 300 meters down from the wedge tomb and on the opposite side of the road.

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