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Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Location: At the crossroads of N 74 and N 8 in the center of County Tipperary, the Rock of Cashel is visible from almost everywhere in town as it sits high on a rocky prominence of limestone. A large public (pay) parking area is at the foot of "The Rock". This sheela can be seen from the wide pavement leading up to the ecclesiastical complex. It is inserted sideways on a quoin (corner) stone at the S.E. corner of the 15th century Hall of the Vicar's Choir - the roofed building closest to the path, now home to a nice museum.

Dimensions: Approximately 45 cm square.

Features: This sheela has a round head sitting directly on her shoulders with no neck visible. She has a flat-bottom wedge shaped nose, a wide slightly curved slit mouth, slitted eyes formed by the bridge of her nose and possible scarring on her forehead. Arms with elbows akimbo reach down toward her genitals - one in front and the other, presumably from behind her leg. She is in a deeply squatted position, vulva a long narrow slit, with her feet turned out in opposite directions.

Comments: Even knowing where to look, this sheela blends in so well with the surrounding stone that she is very hard to spot. The best way is to look at the edge of the building closest to the rampway up to the complex. The sheela is on the quoin stone about even with the tops of the thin double ogee windows - quite high up.

Other Items of Interest: The Rock of Cashel is a wonderful place to while away an afternoon. There is much to see here, as well as two abbeys within walking distance and a number of museums and a folk park. Cashel hosts a variety of places to dine at reasonable prices.

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