Ballintaggart Ogham Stones
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County Kerry
OS Map 70
OS Coordinate V 463 997
Archaeological Inventory 820
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Ballintaggart Ogham Stones, Co. Kerry

Location: From Dingle Town take N 86 SE. Take the third right after leaving town - about 2 km. This road heads almost due south. Take the first left and begin watching for a "Beware of Bull" sign on the metal field gate on the left. DO take this sign seriously. The low stone and earthen wall that encloses the site may be just visible from the road. The low hillock on which this roughly circular enclosure rests overlooks the mouth of Dingle Harbor. Entrance to the enclosure is via a stile.

Dimensions: Composed of sandstone, most, if not all of these stones, bear an inscription of a male name. BLTAG1: AKEVRITTI (reading by Macalister, R.A.S.) possibly from the cairn in the field to the east. 0.97 x 0.36 x 0.15 BLTAG/2: 1.07 x 0.33 x 0.13 Stone came from a field on the S side. Also inscribed with an equal-armed, linear, straight, plain cross. MAQQI-IARIKI MAQQI MUCCOI DOVVINIAS BLTAG/3: 0.94 x 0.34 x 0.15 Stone was found `in a field fence to S of calluragh'. Another simple name, DOVETI MAQQI CATTINI. BLTAG/4: 0.56 x 0.36 x 0.13 Stone `lay loose in a dyke near the ditch (presumably that of the enclosure)'. SUVALLOS MAQQI DUCOVAROS. BLTAG/5: Stone may have come from `the cairn or the nearby `tombs'. MAQI-DECCEDA MAQI GLASICONAS. BLTAG/6: Stone came from `the cairn or the nearby `tombs'.' "TRIAM MAQAM MAILAGNI" Inscription on two sides, with a cross of unusual design on the face intercepted between them'. BLTAG/7: Stone was found `in a field fence to S of calluragh'. "INISSIONAS" Extremely worn inscription with additional carving of simple cross. BLTAG/8: "CUNAMAQQI AVI CORBBI". Stone came from a field on this S side. This boulder is less regular and smooth than the others but is of the same rounded oval form and also with a very worn inscription. BLTAG/9: "NETTA-LAMINACCA KOI MAQQI MUCOI DOVIN[IA]S". stone came from `the cairn or the nearby `tombs'. The flattened upper surface of his boulder bears a plain Latin cross and a natural fissure continues the line of its shaft down the center of the stone'.

Features: The enclosure itself measures 30.7 meters N-S and 29.5 meters E-W with a shallow fosse encircling it. Within the enclosure are numerous rocks and grassy mounds, possibly evidence of it's use as a burial ground. The ogham stones are all oval water-rolled boulders, similar to those found on the beach at Minard (below Minard Castle). They are arranged in a sunburst pattern within the enclosure, with eight of the stones surrounding a central boulder.

Comments: Ballintaggart - "Baile an tSagairt" - The priest's townland.

History: The OS Maps show a church within the enclosure, but no trace is evident today. It was used as a children's burial ground as late as the 1930's. The ogham stones have been gathered from various locations in the vicinity. It is reputed that the worn condition of some of the stones is the result of local youth who, in times past, would roll the stones to boast of their strength.

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