Ardmore Ogham Stones
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County Waterford
OS Map 82
OS Coordinate X 188 773
CIIC number 263 and 265
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Ardmore Ogham Stones, Co. Waterford

Ogham Stone AMORE/1 (263)

Ogham Stone AMORE/3 (265)

Location: In the center of an old monastic site on a hillside to the south of the village of Ardmore, looking out over the bay. About 15 miles southwest of Dungarvan. From Dungarvan, take the N25 southwest approximately 1 7km to the SECOND R673 exit. The Regional road is rough in spots and from the 2nd exit, it is only just over 3 km to Ardmore. The first exit of R673 will take a slightly convoluted route over approx. 8 km of the rougher road to Ardmore. N25 is a very nice road on which to drive. Ardmore Round Tower is quite visible as you drive into the village and the side road to it is posted. Drive past the churchyard up the hill as there are more adequate places to park up there rather than pulling off to the side of the road near the ruined cathedral. The ogham stones are inside the cathedral in this old monastic complex.

AMORE/1 - located in an arched niche at ground level in the choir of the cathedral.

Dimensions: 4' 2" x 0' 11" x 1' 0"


R.A.S. Macalister -- LUGUDECCASMAQI [MU]COINETASEGAMONAS DOLATIBIGAISGOB - Translation: "Of Dolativix (PN) the smith Lugud's (PN) son, tribesman of Nia Segamain."

Comments: Macalister/1945, 258, notes that the stone carries two distinct inscriptions, `the first, on two angles, (up-down), pocked; the second, on a third angle, chiselled'. Macalister/1945, 259--260: `BIGAISGOB = uici episcopus...(rural or assistant bishop). This Ogham, therefore, intruded on the earlier inscription, is of Christian character'.

AMORE/3 - located in a NW corner formed by the cathedral wall and a column directly across from AMORE/1

Dimensions: 4' 4.5" x 1' 1" x 0' 9"

Readings: R.A.S. Macalister -- AMADU Translation: (this inscription was intended as a name only) a male form of the Latin word for "Beloved"


Along the angled top is a simple carved cross on the opposite side of the stone from the ogham inscription.

History: Macalister/1945, 260: discovered by the late Mr. R. Chearnley of Salterbridge on a low wall beside a grave in the cemetery.

Other Items of Interest: Ardmore Church, Ardmore Round Tower

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